Joe Sinner booking

Booking and design​​​​​​​
To ensure that you get the best tattoo possible, we enter into a partnership.
That means that we discuss your ideas and look at the possibilities.
But also that after this step you have to entrust the design process to me.
I always make my own designs, and these are only done once.
So don't expect a copy of an existing reference.
Please provide the following information to me, all in 1 email:
- A description of your idea as clear as possible.
- At least 3 reference photos from my portfolio.
- Any other reference photos. These don't have to be tattoos.
- Description of the placement on the body, preferably with photos.
- What would you like to see reflected in the design?
- What do you not like to see in the design?
- Should other tattoos or skin conditions be taken into account?
I cannot know what the expectations are if it is not clearly communicated.
The design will be based on the information provided in combination with my style and my way of working.
So it's up to you to be as clear as possible.

I do not charge for the hours I spend making your design.
But realize that this must be done unpaid and in your own time, and you are not the only client.
There is room for small adjustments, but only if you can motivate this suggestion,
and these are only implemented if I think it does not detract from the design.
If these are adjustments resulting from new ideas, afterthoughts,
or information that was not shared in advance, we will ask for a new deposit.
Realize that I always draw the designs as well as possible,
and that every decision within the design has been a well-considered choice.

You chose to get a tattoo with me for a reason. Trust my judgement and process,
and give me the freedom to make the coolest tattoo possible.
After all, that is the goal for both of us.

Reschedule and down payment
To secure the appointment and I can start drawing, a deposit of €100 is required.
This will be settled with the (last) tattoo session.
This does not mean that you buy the design, and it is not yours.
It is possible to reschedule the tattoo appointment. If this is at least 2 weeks before the appointment,
the deposit remains valid for the new appointment.
Deposits will not be refunded, even if the appointment is canceled completely.
A deposit is also required for booking flash designs.
This deposit is for that specific chosen design.
When changing design, a down payment is required again.